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Helpful Resources When Considering First Solar Quotes

Solar Tax Credits, Rebates & Savings

Solar Tax Credits & Rebates

Government agencies, utilities and others offer several key types of federal, state, and utility incentives that support energy efficiency, promote the use of renewable energy sources, help to reduce or “buy down” the upfront cost of a rooftop PV system and/or offer a short-term credit on a customer’s utility bill.

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Calculate Your Savings From First Solar Quotes

Solar Leasing & Financing Options

Are you planning to install a solar system on your house or business property but do not know how to finance it?
Explore Solar Leases, Power Purchase Agreements, Solar Loans and more.

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Benefits of Converting to First Solar Quotes

Benefits of First Solar Quotes

In recent years, Solar energy has been one of the most dependable, affordable, and beneficial source of alternative energy. The ‘green’ environmental benefits are the ones you’re more aware of, but there are other well-known financial rewards to replacing traditional coal-powered electricity with solar electricity as well.

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